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Information about the links or groups of links shown below.

Below, you will find links with helpful information on them. Each web site has information about Budo Taijutsu / Ninjutsu that should give a perspective practitioner a better idea of what we strive to accomplish with our lives on many levels. We hope that your days will bring much happiness to humankind.

Harlingen Bujinkan

 My friend and long time training buddy in Texas.



Martial arts equipment for many arts, as well as many non-martial sporting good items.


Honbu Dojo & Hatsumi Sensei's page about the bujinkan. Please read carefully.


Ed Martins Dojo web page and supplies.

Contains seminar information, Dojo Locator, and bujinkan news.

A good place to find training supplies and informational needs.

A good informational page by one of the pioneers.

If your group does not have a web page, this is a great place to get one up and running!

Please support our night flying furry friends that protect us while we sleep. Please ........ Dont destroy habitat!
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